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Aug 03, 2016
WhizNets Introduces an Automated Android Mobile MMI Test Solution for Mobile Manufacturers

July 25, 2016
WHZ9189 Small-size, Low-power, Low-cost Wi-Fi Internet-of-Things (IoT) Module

July 19, 2016
WhizNets Announces a Highly Integrated IoT Product Portfolio Secure Seamless Connected

July 02, 2016
Intex, leading Indian smartphones player, has introduced WhizNets IoT enabled Android Test System at its production line.

February 22, 2016
WhizNets introduced new WiFi module for IoT

January 6, 2016
WhizNets helps energize your business with IoT enabled solutions

February 19, 2015
Create amazing application and scale your connected devices business faster with our Cloud Smart M2M Platform

July 16, 2014
WhizNets WHZ9188 Offers WiFi Connectivity for the "Internet of Things"

June 16, 2014
WhizNets' True Fully Integrated WHZ4188 WiFi Module Enables Rapidly Expanding "Internet of Things" Market

March 07, 2013
WhizNets Announces Family of Highly Integrated Low Cost Embedded Wireless LAN Modules

July 28, 2012

Breakthrough In Embedded WiFi Development: Start Developing On WiFi AP Or STA Module Priced At Single $ Digit For As Low As $249

June 06, 2012

WhizNets Announces Embedded Wi-Fi Access Point Modules

April 24, 2012

WhizNets Announces Multimode RIL For 3G/4G

March 21, 2012

WhizNets Offers Wi-Fi Solution for Atmel AVR32 for Embedded M2M Market

November 29, 2011

WhizNets Launches Mobile App Square

October 06, 2011

WhizNets Offers Serial to Wi-Fi Solution for M2M Market

September 21, 2011

WhizNets Unveils Wi-Fi Mesh Network Solution

February 1, 2011

WhizNets Joins ARM Connected Community

January 7, 2011

WhizNets extends M2M Wi-Fi WiMAX Android embedded wireless portfolio

November 15, 2010

WhizNets Announces M2M Embedded 802.11bgn WiFi Solution

October 12, 2010

WhizNets expands its Wireless Solutions portfolio to WiMAX Device Interoperability

August 10, 2010

WhizNets integrates WiMAX over Android on Tegra 6xx platform from Nvidia

January 07, 2010

GCT Semiconductor & WhizNets Offer Fully-Integrated Mobile VOIP Over WiMAX Solution for Android Platform

November 05, 2009

WhizNets Inc. Appoints JT Micro as Distributor in Korea

November 04, 2009

WhizNets offers ready-to-go Wi-Fi System Module

September 01, 2009

WhizNets Enable Customer's Embedded System With Wi-Fi For Less Than $10

March 16, 2009

WhizNets participates in the Embedded systems Conference, San Jose 2009

May 23, 2008

WhizNets introduces the Multi-wireless Protocol Development Platform

May 13, 2008

WhizNets includes CSR's UniFi in WLAN-Ethernet Combo Module

December 04, 2007

WhizNets Inc. joins Wi-Fi Alliance

November 12, 2007

WhizNets participates in the Freescale Technology Forum, India 2007

October 29, 2007

WhizNets Inc. becomes a member of SD Card Association

October 11, 2007

WhizNets Launch WLAN One-box Tester

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