Good air quality in buildings is vital for people who spend much of the day indoors. Poor indoor air quality leads to tiredness, lack of concentration and can even bring about illnesses. Our Gas Quality Monitoring Solution provides an easy and affordable way to monitor quality of air.

It helps you to quickly and accurately assess air quality parameters. Just place a device in each room to monitor indoor air quality. Device has responsive sensor embedded in a unique, airflow designed box. Made for indoor use, it forwards data to the hosted cloud.

Gas quality monitoring cloud services provides you a view into air quality measurements and analysis which can significantly improve the environment and at the same time, save money.

Air Quality
  • Easy self-installation
  • Graphical analysis for easy understanding
  • WiFi-based system directly connects to your WiFi Access Point
  • Keeps collected data on IoT Cloud for analysis
  • Provides events and analysis on mobile
  • Install the device in indoor area and let it monitor the air quality
  • Devices in multiple enclosed areas will collect data automatically and compare the status of each area with respect to each other
  • Investigate, what is going on around you when the air quality changes and manage the conditions around you
  • Experiment, try opening or closing windows, cleaning filters, etc. and see what happens.
  • Keep monitoring to get constant evaluation
Air Quality Monitoring Services
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