Android MMI Automated Test Solution

About ATS

Whiznets Automated MMI Test System is an integrated, cost-effective embedded test system solution designed for testing Android mobile phones, tablets, and other smart devices. This versatile system covers various aspects during production and support cycles.

The cloud connected hybrid IoT system provides records of the functionality of Android devices as they move on the production line automation and later in the market for things such as customer service and management of returned devices. These records allow for big data mining by giving an understanding of common issues that arise in product testing and what kind of quality measures will be required. They also reduce the cost of finding an issue at a later stage by ensuring a consistent automated testing methodology without dependency on human interpretation.
The core benefit of the mmi test system is decreased cost, seamless instant visibility, big data analytics and increased quality management which makes both management and customers get the value for the money invested. The mmi test system is capable of testing the core features of Android devices in a streamlined and controlled manner by reducing human errors and presenting consistent and reliable results for decision making. The suite offers a clean and simple interface to test android features.

The mmi test system connects to the internet using WiFi or Ethernet. The LED based operation makes the system very easy to interpret and increases efficiency. All the operations and results are accessible to view via the hybrid cloud dashboard.


Production line MMI testing during manufacturing

R&D recurring regression testing

Servicing Department

Service Centers

Phone value determination for resale

Phone Assembling

Features Tested

More features are regularly updated with our state of the art automatic over the internet software update.

Back Key
Camera Back
Camera Front
Device Info
Display Touch
External Storage
Flash Light
G Sensor
Home Key
Internal Storage


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