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What is Preventive Healthcare?

A significant part of preventive healthcare is consumption of clean air, water, healthy eating and lots of physical exercises helps chances of once developing and/or reducing progression of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.  Yes, it’s in your control how early in your life you start taking care of yourself as own doctor treating self with what we consume in our daily life. Millions of people die every year, and many millions more suffer from chronic diseases living an expensive low-quality life. Is it worth it? 

Preventive care from your medical providers shall be a supplemental to your care resulting in comprehensive caregiving your opportunity to know from specific screenings and tests if you need some special attention. The basic rule is sooner you know, quicker you act, and better your prognosis becomes for a recovery. The advancement of technology and research in medicines in healthcare is capable of managing progression and helping you live a longer quality life, if not fully cured always.

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This prevention driven partnership between you, your life and healthcare provider is the most profitable partnership you can have producing maximum returns on investment in yourself. 

Some typical simple things you can do eat right every time you eat, exercise regularly even if you just brisk walk and regular tests and screening did to know any allergies or change in your lifestyle.

The key word here is healthy lifestyle management equals quality of life. You not only want to live longer but want to have a long quality life. 

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