Whiznets announces a highly integrated IoT product portfolio secure seamless connected

The integrated IoT product portfolio is comprised of an embedded system on modules (SOM), cloud platform, mobile, big data analytics, and multiple vertical reference designs. All of these work together to simplify product development and deployment for OEMs, ODMs, system integrators, and vertical industries to innovate new connected solutions across the multiple connectivity options available.

San Ramon, California – July 19, 2016 Whiznets’ flexible integrated (internet of things) IoT products empowers innovators with problem-solving connected technology to improve people’s lives. Whiznets’ complete solution IoT reference designs supported by a custom solutions team turn ideas into reality with minimal investment.

WhizIoT products achieves a high degree of flexibility through interconnected components spanning from a full line of scalable wireless system-on-modules, intelligent gateways, mobile management, and cloud REST API.

Whiznets IOT Product Features

By providing all the pre-integrated embedded hardware & software, IoT products help reduce risk, time-to-revenue, complexity, and the cost of deploying IoT solutions for any industry or market segment.

“Through our approach of integrated technologies, products, and custom solutions, we help transform industries, create new business models, and help create innovative solutions for increased productivity, safety, streamlined processes, reduced operational costs, and carbon footprint. All of these contribute to an improved quality of life,” said Atul Garg, CEO. “Our full IoT proposition, from the device to the cloud empowers companies to bring quality products and lower costs while producing innovative products"

The value of the WhizIoT products offering lies in the ready-to-go reference solutions created by keeping various vertical markets in mind. These reference solutions act as a starting point to develop and deploy a custom solution for specific needs.

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Whiznets addresses the challenges of a continuously evolving end-to-end machine-to-machine(M2M) and the Internet of Things(IoT) connected ecosystem by innovation and collaboration. Our portfolio of wireless connected IoT products, cloud, mobile, and services provides all the pieces to create innovative solutions enabling OEM’s ODM’s, system integrators and innovators ranging from startups to fortune 100 companies to take advantage of technology.

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