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Businesses realize the efficiency, opportunity, reduction in cost, improvement in products and customer service by deriving business value from data — secure integration, automation, and analysis — not by simply connecting the devices and collecting the data.

San Ramon, California – Jan 6, 2016 Whiznets announces new internet of things(IoT) offerings and capabilities which start with the IoT modules. The small size, low footprint IoT modules can be integrated with the existing or new device to give it the ability to send and receive data over WiFi. Once a device connects to WiFi networks, our comprehensive set of services offers a secure connection, collection, storage, analysis and integration of real-time IoT data through the Whiz-IoT-cloud and into enterprise apps and systems.

Next comes Whiz-IoT-cloud platform which enables verticals of all types—including enterprises, as well as services and solutions providers—to address their customers’ needs and opens the window of opportunities. By connecting devices, enterprises can gain access to actionable data quickly and can streamline business processes, understand customer needs, and optimize supply chains and vendor management, maximizing businesses potential.

“Here are now more smart "Things" than people, collecting and connecting the valuable data, our IoT products and services give businesses the ability to connect “any to any” (any human, any sensor, any software, any hardware, any service), aggregate that data into one platform, and use the information to develop new IoT solutions, from prototype to production” said Atul Garg, CEO. He further added, “We enable businesses to deliver innovative new IoT applications seamlessly and easily; reducing time-to-market while enhancing technical and business performance of the overall solution.”

IoT modules, licensable IoT cloud platform with some reference device designs and applications with the ability to address some of the following; remote monitoring, asset tracking and spotting new patterns of behavior of energy, water, gas consumption and quality of air, are available.

Our internet of things services team and consultant help manage the complexities of the IoT, from devices to applications, big data to analytics, security and scalability, all in the cloud.

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Whiznets addresses the challenges of a continuously evolving connected ecosystem by innovation and collaboration. Our portfolio of products and services provides all the pieces – modules & devices, device connectivity, cloud services, application enablement, data analytics – to get your connected solutions strategy to market quickly. Whiznets provides an innovative technology solution and brings a valuable industry partnership that has made it an expert in serving its customers with connected solutions.

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