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Whiznets proudly announces a consolidated platform solution for IoT AI ML applications. Our experience in IoT wireless assisted by the AI ML platform compliments any company engaged in the creation of devices for innovative IoT applications. In our development process, we have already created applications for various verticals across a wide array of platforms including Android/iOS and PC/Laptop platforms. We plan on expanding our roster of solutions and effective AI ML products to other verticals and platforms.

An accessible solution with flexible cooperation terms facilitates your imaginative products without excessive initial capital investments inhibiting the development of your dreams. In the cloud, in your facility or a mix of both, Whiznets strives to apply any IoT AI ML solution in a manner that is appropriate to your organization, scaling from single PC platforms to multiple servers cloud configurations. The customization available even allows us to create applications that can be directly attached to your organization. Effectively the AI ML platform + your solution opens the door to endless possibilities in data analytics and machine learning. Along with the massive overhead to launch products with capabilities that the AI ML platform provides out of the box, the time required to develop an easily navigable yet complex connected system would be a distraction from your ultimate vision of getting your product to market.

We appreciate your support and feel free to contact us to schedule a conference call, web meeting or face-to-face meeting for a deeper understanding of how we can compliment your new and existing ideas.
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