Whiznets introduces an automated Android mobile MMI test solution for mobile manufacturers

Solution helps accelerate testing of Android devices to speed up the time-to-market and cut costs by automating the test cases and testing the devices simultaneously at the high volume production line.

Whiznets introduces an innovative, next-generation low - cost automated Android mobile MMI test solution for mobile manufacturers to test the quality of Android phones at production lines, with the emphasis on to avoid high creeping of test time and unjustifiable expense to find defects.

The solution leverages the internet of things(IoT) innovative technology enabling the power of automated testing methodologies and cloud-based analytics. The key driver of MMI test solution is to reduce test time, increase throughput, reduce cost per unit and increase profits.

The solution comes with easy-to-learn, easy-to-use man-machine interface and is capable to test up to 4 devices at a time, making it an ideal choice for fast-paced mass manufacturing. The solution enables manufacturers to test smart and launch smart mobile phones faster, with high quality at a lower cost.

Automated Test Solution whiznets

“We understand that because of the short product lifecycle, mobile phone manufacturers must be able to produce a wide variety of mobile devices with a new set of features. As a result, automating the test process and minimizing total test time was a challenge. With the huge numbers of phones produced, even reducing seconds can add up to substantial annual cost savings.”, said Atul Garg, CEO. He further said “Testing multiple phones simultaneously using automated Android mobile MMI test solution can reduce the effective test time per phone. High volumes with low cycle times and with quality assurance become a crucial final step.”

The solution offers the capability to test the core features of Android device with the streamlined and controlled manner by reducing human errors and presenting consistent and reliable result for decision making. Solution enables full test coverage for all types of Android devices and can perform various tests for mobile phones, including wireless connectivity, memory, battery, touchscreen, audio, camera and others and logs the test results to a hybrid cloud, securing easy data accessibility for every team member. 

Automated Android mobile MMI test solution is paired with the cloud analytics software to provide remote monitoring, to view the real-time test status at each production line and to view historical data to analyze test results and to take business decisions. Hybrid cloud model approach allows you to keep your data locally, so you need not worry about your data going anywhere.

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