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Versatility of WhizReport in Medical Field

A pharmaceutical, Medical Representative (MR) goes to visit various doctors and medical stores. During his visits, he has to record his meetings. The versatility of Whiz Reporting Solution allows the MR to dynamically create his visit plan days, weeks, months ahead or instantly as he is in the field. With the help of application, he will be able to see during and before the visit the complete history of a specific doctor or medical store empowering him with past data he will be better able to drive the discussion on the current meeting. During the session, he can create audio, picture, handwritten or typed records, as well as filling any standard forms with specific information like surveys or feedback or information on upcoming requirements. 

Whizreport in Medical field

The collection and storing of all meeting information at the point of the meeting makes it efficient for MR to spend less time on administrative aspects of reports submission and talking on phones or emails or dealing with internet web browsers to get to dashboards. While he is executing all these highly dynamic elements of responsibilities, his managers are getting instant notifications and views into the data collected, creating a highly visible system. Managers are also able to get all the statistics of various meeting performances apart from some other intelligent reports.

As MR, when you are on the road you end up spending on travel costs. The Whiz Reporting application solution solves the problem as MR can submit the expense reports right from the application.

All of this happens from a simple mobile phone screen with minimal clicks and typing. Oh yes, and did we mentioned once MR has the appointment in the system using the application when ready to go to the meeting in application mapping capabilities provide the directions to the destination. 

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