A case for Energy Conservation
Most of the energy we use comes in the form of electricity, gas, and oil. These could be generated from many different sources like hydro, solar, crude oil, coal, nuclear, etc. Irrespective of the source there is a cost to the environment from using this energy directly or indirectly. Although we can try finding more clean sources of energy generation; however, as a part of our commitment to make a long term impact we need to control how much energy we consume.
Energy Monitoring

We can reduce our consumption in many different ways. One of the most important ways is awareness of when, how long, why, and how much energy we are consuming. This information, if made available when we are using energy, will help us to conserve more therefore saving us energy. As time passes and we build awareness of our consumption we will require less information about our usage, thus reducing consumption long term.

IoT devices with the sensors collecting information and our smartphones are making it possible for us to help us train our mind and body for a sustainable lifestyle. The simplest approach could be to have a gatekeeper at our consumption entry point constantly watching our use and reminding us. Be it our vehicle or home or office these gatekeepers have the capability to let us know all three aspects of duration, quantity and purpose.

Our solution allows you to monitor energy consumed by various equipment individually and as a whole from anywhere in the world and allows you to know which appliance consumes how much and manage your usage. The easy non-invasive installation of unit connects and collects usage information and streams the information to the cloud for the use of analytics and events.

  • Conserve energy by awareness
  • Save money by conserving energy
  • Reduce energy footprint
  • Analytics for historical view
  • Minimal user intervention
  • WiFi 802.11bgn
  • IoT device cloud server management
  • Analytics events and notification
Energy Monitoring Services
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