• Internet of Thinks
  • Natural Resources
  • Air Quality
  • Energy IoT
  • Water Flow Solution
  • GPS Tracking
  • Meters Monitoring
  • Internet of Think
  • IoT Cloud Platform

We have entered an era of the Internet of Things (IoT). Everyday more and more machines, sensors, and systems are deployed that collect copious amounts of data. This data could be shared with other machines, systems, and people to enhance lives, increase corporate efficiency, and drive new revenue opportunities.

Every business's needs are unique and require a custom set of services. We enable our customers to transform raw device data, into useful, meaningful and workable data. The cloud could be of any of the private, public and hybrid delivery models. Leverage our experience of working with multiple cloud platforms to help develop or expand your enterprise’s use of various cloud platforms especially when transferring information to the new technology

Use information to identify opportunities to:

  • Lower costs
  • Generate additional revenue
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Reduce risk
  • Effectively manage assets remotely
  • Better understand customers, users, devices and systems
  • Discover important trends
  • Reduce time to market
  • Improve customer satisfaction

IoT Cloud Development Services:

  • Customer-specific applications
  • Vertical applications
  • Cloud/server integrated applications
  • Mobile integrated applications
  • UI/UX on devices applications
  • Middleware
  • Device enablement
  • Platform software development
  • Custom BSP development

Solutions Developed:

Medical Representatives Management Solution

The medical management solution is designed to enhance relationships with physicians, chemists, hospitals, distributors and other healthcare societies by creating a comprehensive view on pharmaceutical data. Create a comprehensive view by profiling chemists, their consumption patterns and in-store competition activities. Understand chemists purchase patterns, stock cycle and supply lines for accurate demand forecasting.

The solution provides an extensive interaction history and the ability to manage complaints from retailers, physicians and hospitals through a single consolidated repository. Centralize and make training programs available to facilitate self-learning

Family Safety & Security Solution

Solution allows parents to protect and monitor family members with a broad range of security features. Solution provides peace of mind right at your fingertips.

Key features include instant family current location, footprints for checking on family member whereabouts, including last known path of travel and location; safety Zones for managing and controlling family activity by location and movement within specific geographical zones with instant alerts on movement into or out of a specific zone; and Panic Button for alerting public safety officials, friends and family when you feel your safety is at risk.

Energy Management Cloud Solution

Energy management solution enables central monitoring and management of multiple sites regardless of geographical location. Delivers energy performance and analysis information over the cloud that provides with a powerful and easy to use dashboard to monitor, measure, and understand electrical & water energy consumption from the multi-site level.

Solution provides real-time, detailed visibility into energy consumption, peaks and anomalies and actionable insights that allow organizations to identify and reduce energy and operational expense.

Mobile Field Staff Management Solution

Solution help improves both the effectiveness and efficiency of all business roles in a company; from your field staff to back-office users to top executives. Field staff management solution improves the way work orders, field tickets, delivery dispatch and sales meeting are created, scheduled, executed in the field, helping increase customer satisfaction while reducing overhead.

Every field activity is monitored and managed within the cloud and their reports can be generated easily to help manager to decide future strategies. It also creates a new way of approach in the business for growth of company.

Elearning Cloud Solution

Business needs change over time, and that every organization faces unique challenges. Our unique approach to elearning solutions results in faster deployment, immediate practical results, lower learning costs and rapid ROI.

Solution provides an unparalleled learning experience by quickly delivering highly targeted learning through an innovative, cloud-based solution that connects formal, informal and collaborative learning, when and where people want to learn. With this fully hosted platform you can ensure your employees have access to relevant learning content when they need it, anywhere in the world.

Air Quality Monitoring Solution

Poor indoor air quality leads to tiredness, lack of concentration and can even bring about illnesses. Our solution provides an easy and affordable way to monitor quality of air and allows control of Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) systems to transfer heat and moisture into and out of the air as well as control the level of air pollutants.

Solution provides you a view into your air quality measurements and analysis and allows control of HVAC systems which can significantly improve the working environment and at the same time, save money.

WhizNets deliver high quality, flexible mobile applications as part of our end to end IoT solutions development services, that are easy to maintain, modular to facilitate enhancements, reliable, secure and easy to deploy. Our custom mobile application development solutions enable you to enjoy competitive advantages of leading IoT, cloud and mobile technologies and services as well as leverage our experience in this unique market.

Our mobile app consultants and developers have in-depth knowledge about the frameworks and mobile technology which will help you to choose a better platform for your patrons. In addition to this, our team will help you to make a proper integrated solution based app development strategy before moving into development.

If you have an app idea, share with us. We care about our clients and the products we deliver. We greatly look forward to working with you and developing the next generation mobile app solutions together with our cloud and device IoT experienced team working in coordination.

Android Market Apps

We provide a one stop solution for your need of:

  • Application & Web Development Services
  • Mobile Application Development Services
  • Application Design Services
  • Application Maintenance Services
  • Re-engineering & Software Migration Services
  • Turnkey Product Design & Development Services
  • Manage Offshore Development Center

Our edge:

  • Team of Experienced developers
  • In-Depth knowledge of frameworks and mobile technologies
  • On – demand capacity to meet tight deadlines
  • Quality oriented work process
  • Timely delivery and cost effective services
  • Recognized for developing high quality and robust mobile apps


Enterprise Mobility Apps

To help enterprise mobile workforces be successful, we realize that they need real-time information, contextual intelligence, and opportunities on their mobile devices. We have delivered a fully secure and comprehensive mobile platform over which field executives can collect, share, and store field data, manage workflow, and make informed decisions. Solution helped workforces to do more in less time.

Mobile Strategy For Enterprise

Need to connect to customers, employees & workforce through mobiles brings in certain challenges. If businesses has embraced mobile use and adopted mobile technologies, they are bound to experience different challenges. Enterprise mobile strategies are different for the reason that they are designed keeping mobile in mind. We have helped provide an actionable plan in a matter of few days from the time customer approached us.

Mobile User Experience

Due to the increase in sales of smart mobile devices, Mobile User Experience has become more necessary too. Better usability and easy navigation ensures that customers browse site longer through their mobile devices. And that’s what we have done – provided Mobile UX designs that increased visitor engagement. Each mobile site we design goes through rigorous testing to ensure that everything works as it should.

Custom Mobile Applications

Custom mobile applications not only helped in establishing connections between clients but also with employees. We understand that every organization has different requirements and strive towards achieving them without compromising on quality. Our experienced development teams take the following parameters into consideration while making an app: Feasibility, Methodology, API management, Security, User experience and testing.

Cross Platform Mobile App

“Code once, use anywhere”, no need to skip a platform and instead create an app compatible with all devices and operating systems. This speeds up the entire development process and gives the mobile application a greater fan base. We have developed solutions that are compatible with several platforms, so people can use it anywhere, even on the run.

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