IoT Hub

IoT Hub/Gateway Solution

A smart network consists of many devices which should be cloud connected. Configuring and cloud connecting each device can be long process. The many devices may not have the best of security or resources to provide enterprise level features.
The IOT Hub/Gateway based on the powerful iMX6 series application processors is a versatile and flexible solution for linking your smart devices to the cloud with enterprise capabilities. The Hub/Gateway acts as a controller as well as a relay of management, control and data packets exchanged between smart devices and the cloud. It allows communication among devices locally, reducing the cloud traffic. The Hub/Gateway simplifies the onboarding process for new devices.


Device discovery on the network

Integrated LCD for ease of operation of device

Wi-Fi (802.11abgn) / Bluetooth (5.x) wireless connectivity

Enterprise security (802.1x)

Embedded linux opens source platform

Embedded webserver to configure using a user friendly interface

Wi-Fi AP and Client modes

Iotivity and Alljoyn framework integrated


Faster IOT network deployment

Simplifies device discovery and onboarding

Industry standard security

Developed on industry proven platform

Easy customization

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