IOT Solution Services Portfolio

IOT Solution Services Portfolio

IoT for us is an Instant Operational Transformation using Internet connected devices enabled with machine learning and artificial intelligence on cloud. 

IoT Solutions and Services Overview

In the Internet of Things (IoT) world, data needs to be reliably collected from millions of things, quickly transformed into actionable intelligent information. The intelligent sensor cloud platform provides the required AI and machine learning capabilities to automate decision making and secure management of resources in the day to day life for consumers and industrial IoT companies.

Platform using state of the art technology scales well as your requirements grows, making it highly configurable for specific vertical application needs.

Applications include logistics, security, production automation, utility monitoring billing and control, and custom portals with mobile access and modular UI.

Services for IoT smart solutions


Envoomy- Machine Learning AI

Gain instant access to AI and Machine Learning algorithms in IoT enabled devices


ATS - Automation Solution

Test various aspects of Android phones including cameras, sensor, and display details

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