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How IoT can improve quality of air for a healthy life

Air quality is something that has been talked about for decades by international organizations such as the EAP. Today the air we breathe contains harmful and even carcinogenic pollutants that are dangerous to the health of people. In 2016, according to the Global burden of disease project pollution caused about 5.5 million deaths per year. Plenty of different pollutants pollute the air whether it is inside or outside a building.

The significant pollutants include Ozone, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, particulate matter, Sulfur Dioxide, and Lead. These pollutants are hazardous to the health of humans and animals alike and have been affecting 95 million people as reported by The 2015 world’s worst pollution problems report. Now that we know a problem exists what can we do to create a solution? 

The answer is the Internet of Things(IoT). Advancement in the internet of things improved the technology to collect, store, and share information. With this technology, we have the potential to enhance the quality of air. Sensors and other collection devices, mobile technologies, analytics, and cloud computing make it easier to monitor and analyze air quality, and with the information at hand, we can easily understand variations and trends of air quality. 

The data provided by this technology will revolutionize decision-making capability that impacts both, our environment and us. For example; the air quality monitoring system which we can offer at your home, work, factory, office, or school uses sensors to collect real-time data such as humidity, temperature, carbon monoxide, ammonia, and particulate matter. Current, as well as historical data, can be easily accessed over the smart mobile devices from anywhere influencing your future decisions. 

Based on the analysis and trends, you can set your preferences, like schedule a time to automatically open vents, start de-humidification or air-conditioning units, and switch on the heating. With the help of IoT technology-driven smart air quality monitoring systems, you can help yourself and everyone for generations to come.

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