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Psychology of water consumption

Water is a basic necessity of life-impacting all walks of our life from quenching the thirst to cleaning to keeping natural greenery around. As we use water, the very soft nature and soothing effects of water make us totally forget about the levels of consumption done at specific events. Be it taking a hot or cold shower, cleaning the floor, cleaning the utensils, watering the grass, drinking cold or hot water, everything gives us some kind of craving due to feeling good factor and we get indulged into the use of water beyond real need.

When we look at water usage we realize the maximum water used by a person is while at home. We do most daily activities starting from the early morning to till we go to bed.

  • Bath & wash like wash-basin, shower/bathtub, and toilet:  We use a good amount of hot/cold water during our morning hours to start our day. We do sure use the above consumption type during various parts of the day.
  • Kitchen and cleaning like a kitchen sink, drinking water, and house-cleaning: Daily multiple times we use water during food preparation and very basic cleanups during the eating and cooking as well as during house cleanup.
  • Appliances like dishwasher and cloth washer: We use water a lot of it during this type of use but not on a daily basis or multiple times during the day.
  • Garden/Plants: We use water a lot of it during this type a few times a week.

We all know we have to consume in limited quantity but we do not have the means to know somehow while we are using or after the use rather than getting a bill at the end of the month and forget in the next one hour all the resolutions, we make for water consumption control.

A constant useful reminder (not by a person saying close the tap... :-)) can slowly train the brain for managing this craving. The human intervention in the process of identification of use and communication has to be none to not have the brain develop resistance.  To help in above we can think of a robot sitting at our water supply line continually monitoring our use of water, identifying intelligently the type of use and communicating with us via various simple means of a display/buzzer bots, smartphones display, etc. giving us the results based on intelligent analyses based on current and historic use. 

How one can manage the psychology of water use?
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