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Advantages of AI ML based automation

Whiznets automated test system is used to test a range of devices including Android mobile phones and tablets and is used for examining many facets of the phone's viability. These include phone value determination for resale, service centers, service departments, R&D recurring regression sessions, and production line MMI testing during the manufacturing process. Those using the system will experience a range of benefits.

What are the main advantages?

The system will record device functionality as the phones move from production all the way to market when they are in the hands of the customers. If those customers need to contact customer service, or when have to return the devices because they are not working correctly, everything can be logged and noted.

The records gathered by the system can be beneficial. They can allow for significant data mining with the devices. The gleaned data can inform companies of the most significant issues with those devices. By understanding what the common problems are, it becomes easier to decide upon and implement the best course corrections and quality control for those devices.

By applying this system early in the process, it can often help to locate problems with the devices before they make it through production. This can potentially reduce the number of customer complaints and returns. The AI ML can also provide a level of consistency and accuracy with the testing process that is merely not possible when humans are doing the testing. The testing via the system also tends to be far more accurate.

In addition to big data analytics and improved quality management, the system is cost-effective. By finding and dealing with the problems early, before the devices go to market, it can reduce returns, keep the company brand in shape, and help to create better overall devices for consumers.

The system will test all of the main features of the devices. Testing will include elements such as the cameras, microphone, speakers, light sensor, SIM signal, Bluetooth, battery, SD card, and more. Users can make sure all of the functions of the devices are working correctly before they enter the consumer market.

Results from the application are reliable, and the user interface is straightforward to use when testing Android devices. Connect to the internet via WiFi or ethernet. The controls for the application are usable through the hybrid cloud dashboard, as well, making it easy to operate from even offsite locations.

By understanding the potential issues with these devices before and even after they have entered the market, companies will have the data they need to make improvements to their processes and the devices themselves.

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