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Increase business efficiency with cutting edge

Increase business efficiency with a cutting-edge mobile cloud solution

Does your business manage teams of field executives? Do you have a tough time keeping track of activities, updates, meetings, results, and objectives? Are you losing productivity because you're devoting so many resources to these time-consuming tasks? We understand. That's why we offer the revolutionary Whizreport, a state-of-the-art highly-configurable smart mobile field reporting cloud solution.

Designed for a business that manages teams of field executives on a daily basis, Whizreport enables you to do more with less, thanks to an easy-to-navigate interface and a broad spectrum of valuable analytical data. We introduce to you our field staff management solution. 

Developed by Whiznets, Whizreport is designed for small, medium, and large organizations aiding teams of anywhere from two to 200 and beyond. If organizational growth has been eluding you thus far, it may be time to look at your field reporting functions and give them a much-needed upgrade. It may have nothing to do with lack of knowledge or poor reporting...and instead, it could have everything to do with how you access, gather, and interpret information. 

It's time you managed your customers and field employees with a no upfront cost solution that provides solutions for the following areas: 

  • Sales
  • Support
  • Delivery
  • Marketing

With the ability to send real-time field executive visibility updates on meetings while capturing a higher number of client visits per day, Whizreport gives you the robust tools you need to collect and view detailed field activity reports to result in faster data-driven decisions. And isn't that your primary objective? To be more productive and boost your bottom line? We offer the field reporting software you need, no matter which line of work you're in. From pharma reporting solutions to sales staff report management, Whizreport's primary goal is to increase efficiency, automation, security, logistics, IoT, field service reporting, and analytics. Establishing a healthy cash flow is no doubt a big challenge for companies today, especially field service companies, due to the costs that are tied up in inventory. Modern, flexible field service management systems can provide visibility across the mobile workforce, something you can't achieve with a manual system or an older technology platform, points out field service news.


Whizreport boasts many features designed to make your work life more comfortable, such as:

  • Field Information: From customer information and photos to signatures and comments, you can create your custom forms or use one of our standard forms as part of our field staff reporting solution.
  • Summary Views: Your field staff needs immediate and accurate access to information at all times. For that, you will find summary views helpful for knowing in an instant what the location is, what the goals are, and what results have been achieved, thanks to our field staff tracking solution.
  • Meetings: Set up customer meetings from the office or in the field and keep records of meetings all in one place so everyone can access them as part of our sales staff field reporting app.
  • Reports: As the ideal field employee efficiency app, you can choose from a variety of configurable reports to keep on the direct portal or as downloads. 
  • Events and Notifications: Get access to events and notifications in real-time, so you know what's going on throughout the day as part of our delivery management solution.


From full control of data to real-time reports for quick and efficient decision making, there are many benefits to the real-time field reporting solution available through Whizreport. Not only can you log in from anywhere on the planet, but you also get quick and seamless mobile data collection as well as the ability to streamline the field executive process. Profitable growth, managed productivity, increased efficiency: you get all this and more with field reporting solutions through Whizreport. Does this sound like something your organization could benefit from? Call Whiznets today at 408-715-7654 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about what we offer.

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