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Are your field services executives Mobile?

The service industry is expanding quickly, and it is time to free businesses from the tedious job of reviewing reports collected by them from the field


A majority of field service executives are on the field without real-time access to the organization’s network; field executives have to resort to collecting and capturing the information manually and later reentering it into an application.

This may lead to errors, and reduce the speed at which information moves through the organization, causing delays in the creation of information. This kind of delay may be critical for problem-solving, repair, and redeployment of your field executives. The right remote-scheduler and quick easy-to-submit reports from the field is a high priority because having efficiently managed field executives is essential to improve business productivity.


One of the primary goals of any solution is to increase the efficiency and productivity of field executives. Using an app field executives should be able to: 

  • View dynamic services assigned
  • View direction to customer venue
  • Create reports at the customer site
  • Submit service status report, feedback report, survey form
  • Take customer signatures to close the service tickets
  • Submit expense report

Instead of seeing mobile devices as a tool for personnel tracking and performance monitoring, field executives can use mobility to generate substantial value by improving service cycle times. This makes business processes more efficient, paperless and user-friendly.


  • Improved operational speed – Travel time to jobs are reduced because assignments can be made no matter where the field executive is located. No more coming to the office or calling to check on daily activity. The field resource can access visit schedules via any smartphone or tablet.
  • Improved customer satisfaction – With instant access to schedules and resource availability, visits can be managed to meet customer expectations. Satisfied customers become loyal customers.
  • Real-time Reporting - Monitor reports getting quick insight as to how your business is doing. Quickly view completed work orders, individual staff statistics, revenue-driving services, expense reports, and more. No need to wait for the field executive to come and update the reports the next day.
  • Improve field executive productivity - Proper scheduling dramatically improves a field executive’s productivity by ensuring the work is distributed on time. Businesses can monitor the productivity of each executive, thus maintaining a productive workforce. 
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