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Do more with less by reducing high costs

As competition increases rapidly, companies are continually looking for ways to boost employee productivity and to Improve customer satisfaction

The eminence of smart mobile devices is because of the fact that prices are continuously decreasing, there is virtually no learning curve, and SaaS being offered as a cloud-hosted solution requires no infrastructure. This technology advancement has enabled the development of integrated mobile field employees reporting solution, and this solution allows businesses to DO MORE WITH LESS. 

Manage mobile employees better to improve productivity

If field staff is required to return to the central office to check on their day's activity and to submit information captured in the field, valuable time gets wasted – time that could have been spent meeting other customers. To overcome this keystone problem, the reporting solution gives field employees the capability to take notes directly on their smart devices and even the customer’s signature for quick invoicing and billing.

Manage better customer visits

With complete and timely access to information of a customer's historical records at the field executives’ fingertips, they can complete more visits per day, significantly improving customer responsiveness. Empowering field employees with a practical but straightforward field staff reporting solution can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction and overall company performance.

Make managers more efficient

Manage work schedules of field staff directly from the dashboard using any device and guarantee client satisfaction and credibility. Access to real-time and historical workforce analytics and the visualizations provided in the dashboard helps managers gain a better picture of the workforce and company creating opportunities to optimize efficiency and productivity.

Cut costs

A better scheduling and reporting system means less time traveling. Instead of manually generating reports which can be expensive in time and money, businesses can cut costs by using a solution that allows the generation of a report using the data compiled during the visit.

Cut on the paperwork

Using the solution, information flows between field locations and the central office as painlessly as possible to keep businesses running and to extend the amount of time field workers can spend with valuable customers. The solution offers workers a real-time alternative to paper forms and allows for further communication with the central office.

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