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Role of mobile apps in organization

There is the massive adoption of mobile technologies around the world by businesses to utilize their organization benefit from the trend effectively 

As more organizations are going mobile, field workforce and office managers need solutions for seamless real-time-information communication and access to the critical data to conduct productive and efficient business. The answer to all of these challenges is mobile apps.

The workforce in the field has got a wide area to cover, but the execution of tasks remains mostly invisible as they tend to do reporting at the end of the day or the end of the week, severely degrading the quality and value of the information. The use of paper-based or SMS - based methodologies are also challenging as it is challenging to incorporate, analyze, and share. Furthermore, inconsistent manual reporting, lag in the data flow, time gaps between the field meeting updates and decisions to be taken by the concerned team, errors in data, unsystematic paperwork, and misleading reports are some of the issues faced by managers.

Organizations can turn the field workforce’s mobile device into a productive work tool using the smart mobile app that goes beyond phone calls and emails.

Mobile apps, enable field executives to view meeting lists, service histories, customer details, generate purchase orders, plus capture pictures, take signatures, record part details, view manuals, collaborate with colleagues, and much more. These details are then sent in real-time to managers to view. Managers, no more need to wait and rely on paper or spreadsheets to get logged to check the work status.

The portability of mobile devices makes it easier for the field workforce to interact, collaborate, and present, all from one device. With appropriate mobile apps, field workers can also access sales and marketing materials from anywhere, any time. 

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