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How cloud driven data evolving and enhancing the Business?

Organizations receive a lot of data from the field like order bookings, service reports, safety inspections, delivery reports, sales updates, meeting notes, audits, expense reports, and more. Many companies, however, do not use this information to its full advantage. The challenge is, how do you have easy access to agile analytics and reports, and avoid the trap of having too much data to analyze the results effectively?

To succeed, organizations need an approach that combines mobile solutions, cloud-based services, and fast-moving data analytics, to get real-time access to powerful Insights from anywhere, at any time, and make better business decisions.

How an organization collects real-time data through field workforce using the technology, and how it handles the data, can set it apart from the competition. Companies that analyze and act on this data to optimize operations, sales, service, delivery often reach higher levels of customer satisfaction and increased profits. According to Forbes, 68% of CIOs predict they will spend more on mobile applications, cloud migration, and cyber-security in the next two years.

"Cloud is the new style of elastically scalable, self-service computing, and both internal applications and external applications will be built on this new style.” - Gartner

Cloud data analytics helps organizations in planning and taking the right decisions based on information gathered from different sources. Cloud data analytics can bring many advantages for businesses:

  • Provide actionable insights for improving productivity
  • More productive team enhancing ROI 
  • A right suggestion at the right time to increase customer satisfaction
  • Take decisions and develop techniques to transform the business
  • Make intelligent predictions on the market demand 

It is clear why data is crucial for any organization. Information is the foundation of every decision. In a world of connected people and connected things, organizations need a better view of what’s happening through enhanced analytics.

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