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Time to smarten up your water

How smart is your water? If you're using an intelligent water sprinkler, then it can help to control and monitor your water usage. A water sprinkler is a device that is used to sprinkle or spray water, especially in the lawns. They are devised to sprinkle water in the fields for a crop where the supply of water is not enough. However, soon it has been adapted to our lawns too.

Smart sprinklers might not be anywhere near the top of your list when you think of connected appliances, but if you have an in-ground sprinkler system, you need one. Here are the reasons why.

  • Smart sprinklers are too smart they can automatically schedule the timing by itself, the only time when the user has to adjust is once during implementation. But if the user has altered the time due to any reason, then these smart sprinklers will learn why the user might have changed the timing. 
  • A smart sprinkler can adjust according to the kind of plants you planted in your lawn; some plants will require more water and some less. So the sprinkler will water them according to the basic needs of the plant.
  • Smart sprinklers can also detect the amount of moisture in the soil. If the soil has not enough moisture, then it will water the lawn until the moisture of the soil becomes balanced.
  • Since sprinklers are connected to the internet, it can automatically adjust according to weather. If it has to rain on a particular day then the sprinkler will not operate on that day, hence, less water bill.
  • A human resource is not required to operate these systems. But the user can check it through its phone, tablet or laptop if he finds that there is an increase in the water bill and can adjust the properties.
  • These systems can do everything on their own, e.g., if they got hanged, they would restart automatically; automatically updates the software and so on. 
  • These sprinklers can even tell the user about any leaks or faults in the system.


Here’s the bottom line:  A sprinkler system for your residential lawn and garden saves you money and time. It can help you maintain a beautiful lawn and landscape. Moreover, these sprinkler systems make you compliant with local water restrictions and save money on your water bills.

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