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Summer Electricity Bill: Every Household Headache

There is a hot topic of discussion in every house that why our electricity bills get so high during summer? Associated with it many factors are resulting in this problem, which may include inaccuracy in the bill, the price of electricity could have increased, or the electricity could be higher.

Inside a house, there are many devices, systems, and appliances, including lighting, laptops, dishwasher, HVAC systems, security cameras, and other consumer electronics.

As humans, we mostly tend to forget to switch off the appliances after leaving the place, which may result in getting our billing meter on the higher side. Let us imagine there would be a system where we can control the working of our home appliances through our mobile phones, this way we can able to save our electricity for the right amount.

The problem is that these devices cannot be able to communicate with each other which means they are not smart devices.

What is the solution to it?

By getting the Internet of Things (IoT) technology in existence to install, such as a smart energy monitoring system, can supply better information and lead to better decisions. The IoT directs the urgent energy conservation needs of society by making energy consumption visible to both business and household. The IoT will help to understand and reduce electricity in businesses and homes.

A smart IoT based wireless energy monitoring solution allows you to know which appliances are currently on and the current and past energy consumption. The system provides detailed information about the energy usage of different devices individually or as a whole and notifies you of your extra power consumption.

A smart system solution can help monitor the real cost of daily human habits such as leaving the TV on when no one’s watching. By bringing the internet of things into existence helps saves energy, electricity, and money also reduces environmental footprint and reduces carbon pollution.

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