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What are the harmful effects of air pollution?

Part 01:

It's no wonder that air pollution has become a severe threat nowadays to individual health. It is not only attacking humans but destroying flora and fauna as well. We all sniff air pollutants with every single breath we take which can cause extreme harm to our body. Air pollution is induced due to the burning of fossil fuels, the effusion of vehicles, exhaust from factories and industries, etc.

We need to determine what air pollution is and how harmful it can be for our health if we do not take necessary preventive measures as soon as possible to guard our health and to free our environment from the toxic gases that are gradually hollowing our environment.

Ordinarily, any surrounding substance in the air that causes damage to live creatures and the environment is considered air pollution. Air pollution is a huge factor that is considered detrimental to an individual's health, especially in this era when sources of pollution have increased dramatically. Smog wavering over cities is the most intimate and perilous form of air pollution. However, there are different kinds of air pollution, which can be equally harmful and contribute to global warming.

There is a cluster of diseases caused due to these noxious gases that we inhale with every breath. The most central effects of air pollution are irritation in the eyes, dizziness, throat and nose blockage, headaches, fatigue, infliction to the liver, spleen, harm to the nervous system. There are other severe illnesses like:

  • Asthma: It has grown into a prevalent dilemma which has led to the death of approximately 4 million people 
  • Mental illness: Depression and/or anxiety are some of the concerns that scientists have equated to air pollution
  • Congenital disabilities: Breathing traffic pollution in initial pregnancy is connected to a higher risk for severe congenital disabilities
  • Pneumonia: Half of the victims of pneumonia are associated with the adverse effects of air pollution
  • Cardiovascular Diseases: Inhaling high volumes of foul air is linked to an excessive risk of heart attack and stroke.

We are living in an ecosystem where the action of one has the potential to mold the many. Our mistakes as a society have contaminated the environment that we live in. However, the discovery of these effects has led us to try to transpose the damage. The small effort we make towards a greener environment can start an invigorating a ripple impact. We can still preserve what is left of our natural resources and make the world a healthier place to live in for our future generations.

Do you want to live in an environment full of illness or want to have a wholesome and pleasant atmosphere, if so, then step back and look around yourself and try to figure out what precautionary actions can you take to preserve your surrounding from this type of pollution?

“One person alone cannot save the planet’s biodiversity, but each endeavor to enliven nature’s wealth must not be disparaged."


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