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What do I get by conserving energy?

Riding a car, using air conditioners, doing laundry, using water heaters, refrigerators, or energy-efficient fuels, all lead to more energy usage and reckons for almost 76% of total energy consumption in a typical household, creating environmental pollution leading to severe health problems.

Every individual nowadays is suffering from enormous diseases, sometimes costing a life. We don't realize the value of per resource we are getting from nature and continue wasting the energy attained from all resources each day. We have become so used to all the technological facilities that we have started neglecting the significance of our nature and are just utilizing the resources to an interminable extent for making our life more convenient each day ending in problems for our health. The price of the electricity bill is not going to account for the environmental damage caused by our energy usage.

Climate changes are giving a surge to droughts, floods, and other environmental changes that conclusively force people to flee from their homes and emigrate to innoxious regions resulting in plenty of harm to their lives. The unusual activities that we do are undoubtedly affecting the global climate system increasing greenhouse gases and environmental pollution.

According to a survey, electricity, and heat production has enriched to 25% of the highest proportion of total global greenhouse gas emissions which has also lifted temperature to an intensity attributing to extreme weather and changes to natural and human systems. 

Energy conservation has become the need of the hour and technological evolution has become simpler to adopt. Smart homes are a way to conserve energy. Smart homes being integrated into an intelligent grid ecosystem for household energy consumption and management has become the next big thing leading to a decrease in energy consumption. Thus it's of high importance to find out the correct perceptions of households on energy savings through smart homes.

A smart home doesn't only render the benefits of efficient energy management but also provides advantages such as improved lifestyle, security, and safety. Smart metering appliances and home automation devices are some of the many technologies that can be used to change electricity consumption patterns of household

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