Living with Technology and Nature

How IoT devices with AI helps you to use natural resource?

Why do we need a union of IoT combined with AI in today's technology? Is this beneficial for our generations to come or is it to intensify our environmental changes? 

Internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications are the future of tomorrow and are growing every day. The need for IoT technology complemented with AI and enabled data analytics makes life more comfortable. In the coming future, electronic devices or machines will become our best friends lessening human labor to almost nil.

IoT is not only helping in providing smart solutions but also helps in preserving conventional energy resources, with practical and intelligent solutions safeguarding our environment.

Reduction of energy consumption is a necessity for both humans and the environment while demoting the costs as well as increasing productivity and optimizing operation competence.

Let's see how the Internet of Things with the help of Artificial Intelligence helps in controlling the usage of our natural resources:

  • A smart meter that automatically sends meter readings and helps in energy optimization, providing accurate data on the usage and volume of energy employed.
  • Remote monitoring and access will focus on monitoring building processes automatically, obtaining data from sensors, user inputs, and pre-programmed procedures to regulate heating, lighting, and security systems offsite.
  • Preventive maintenance devised to ascertain the equipment disruption, thus reducing the time and labor costs by proactive support.
  • Automatic detection of the vacant apertures for parking, reservation for electric vehicle charging stations, automatic street lights mechanism based on sensors, and much more; works well with IoT, saving much time with reduced costs.
  • Beneficial in smart irrigation helping in monitoring soil moisture, watering plants, identifying soil temperature and humidity, which helps in fertilization of hoisting the crop yields.
  • IoT helps in examining the right amount of water present in the reservoirs or tanks. This erudition collected via sensors and data analysis supports the officials, businesses, and citizens to ascertain the right amount of water usage on a daily basis, saving up to 20%-30% of the water every day.

We don't value our natural resources as they are available to us for free, especially water. If we continue to drain our resources in the same manner, our future generations might not have these resources available. However, with the help of IoT, AI, and data analytics, we can preserve our natural resources further for our future generations.

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