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why do I care for reducing water usage cost???

We are aware of the adverse results of global warming on the earth and also about the essential need to preserve water. But the question is, are we anxious to conserve this valuable resource, termed as water? As we all know that water covers 71% of the earth's crust, and only 3% is available as freshwater, still rather than saving water, we are merely wasting the water supplied to us in countless ways.

Without water, we will die in a matter of seconds. We all know what the importance of water in our life is, but we have been so used to see fertilizers, oils, and other pollutants to be diluted into rivers or streams when it rains or even by the industries befouling the rivers. Do you want to drink water with greasy oil floating on the top or want seafood with some obsolete killer marinade?? I think your answer will be "NO," isn't it???

As the population is increasing gradually and due to limited access to water, it's high time now to preserve and conserve this precious resource to be available for our future generations.

Below are some points to contemplate for the necessitation of conserving water resources:

  • To ensure food security to the people.
  • To safeguard ourselves from the health risks as the quality of water is severely hit by the exercise of urban wastes, industrial effluents, pesticides, and fertilizers.
  • Maintenance of human activities and prevention of degradation of the environment.


According to the U.S. Department, some of the essential facts we need to know about water on this planet are as follows:

  • There is around 326 million cubic miles of water on the earth and 320 million cubic miles of water in the oceans
  • If there would be a supply of only 26 gallons(100 liters) of water in the world, then we could use only 0.003 liters of water which is just half a teaspoon. (Isn't it strange??)
  • If the earth used to be a globe 28 inches in diameter, then all the water on the planet would fill less than one cup and only 0.03% of one container is in rivers and freshwater lakes supplying all the rivers and lakes with a bit of one drop of water.
  • Around 80% of the water is used in cooling power plants and for irrigation.
  • Our body weighs approximately 75% of water, and around 95% water is present in our eyes. (Do you know about this?)


It's never too late to protect our environmental resources. We can contribute our little efforts in saving the environment by employing smart methods with proper usage of water by making the following initiatives:

  • Fix sink aerators to lessen the flow of water to 2.5 gallons/minute or less.
  • Introduce symbols in restrooms or workplaces linked to water to inspire others to conserve water.
  • Save energy by using less power for heating, pumping, and managing water.
  • Reduce the use of water and detergents by introducing ozone systems.


With the help of these simple techniques, you can cut your water usage to almost half. If you are willing to make just a little extra effort to save water every day, you alone can make a much difference. Conserving even a little water can save gallons of water everyday saving a life and protecting the environment. 


Step up to avoid the point of no return, Conserve Water!!


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