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Energy efficient smart IoT plugs helps cut energy usage

The smart home is not about making home automated and safe, but it is also about saving energy by switching on and off appliances at home as well, using the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled systems. People want ways that can be more energy-efficient and can conserve energy because it is better for the environment, but also helps save money.

A smart home by using the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, can save 10% of electric power consumption, according to the study by U.S.- based Consumer Technology Association (CTA)WiFi-enabled smart plugs can help save energy - by making you aware of how much power has been used by each of your electrical appliances. Smart plugs collect the energy usage information about the device which then gets transmitted via WiFi to a cloud-based data portal.

With this data collected, it can become more evident when the appliances are left on standby, or open – the user will get to know the visibility of where the energy is getting lost, and where the potential savings lie.

Some of the features of energy-efficient smart plugs:

  • Easy to plug portable device with wireless connectivity.
  • View current energy usage or look at historical data including daily, weekly, and monthly usage.
  • View energy usage pattern of particular appliances compared with other energy-efficient star rating models.

The solution allows to monitor, control remotely, and automate the electrical appliances from one interface – whether that’s on a PC, iOS, or Android device. Schedule weekend and overnight run-times for refrigeration, air conditioners, or any appliance. IoT enables smart plug will lead to substantial cost cuts as people will get to know what is going on where. Energy-efficient plugs help conserve energy, reduce unnecessary energy consumption, and carbon footprint emissions.

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