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How IoT enabled Thermostat helps saving energy and money

45% of the average US household’s energy use goes to space heating, and 6% of the average US household’s energy use goes to space cooling. The potential to save on energy and money on heating and cooling is what draws most people to smart thermostats in the first place. The other reason, of course, being able to control the thermostat remotely.

IoT enabled smart thermostat uses sensors installed around the house to detect occupancy and adjusts the temperature accordingly. It teaches itself the behavioral patterns of the users for improved performance. A thermostat gets connected to a Wi-Fi network and can be controlled from anywhere via the smartphone app. Features like alert notifications on your smartphone and display of the outdoor temperatures on a thermostat add more value to your busy life.

A smart thermostat is not only convenient but if used wisely, it can save a tremendous amount of energy which eventually results in saving you money. When you upgrade yourself from the manual thermostat to any smart thermostat, the first difference you will experience is the ability to control it remotely, from any smart device. This remote access exemplifies a new style of comfort unseen in standard thermostats; the feeling of coming home to a delightful atmosphere.

How much energy and money can be saved with a smart thermostat depends on:

  • Energy Usage – Leaving the air condition ON the whole day in summers or heaters in winters and not switching them OFF or scheduling them before leaving.
  • Energy Cost – Getting more expensive every year.
  • Climate Conditions – Living in a temperate climate region or a region having both extreme winters and summers.
  • HVAC Systems – Regular HVAC maintenance habits (like keeping filters clean) makes a difference as well.

With smart thermostats you get the complete control over your home’s heating and cooling equipment to eliminate unnecessary heating and cooling of your home, saving your money and enhancing your comfort.

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