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is a fun app which tells you about your different facial expression. You can detect faces in a live preview, identify key facial features, and get the contours of detected faces. With MyFocus face detection, you can get the information like your smile probability, probability of stability of the head, and opening of eyes(Left and Right) probability.

How to Use

You can track your facial movement, like a smile, eye movement, and head movement with this application.

When the user opens the app, he can see a dashboard with two buttons, New Session and Dashboard, and the latest session details like eye movement, smile, and head movement.

To start tracking your facial activity, click on the new session, and look into the phone camera for face detection.

You can close the session by merely clicking the back button.
On the dashboard, you can see the lastest session details.

To see all sessions click on the dashboard button, then you can see all previous sessions.
 Tap on any session to see details of your facial movement for that particular session.


  •  It tells you about your different facial expression
  • It tracks your smile and tells you about your smile.
  •  It tracks your head's stability and tells you how stable it was your head or was it moving.
  •  It follows your eyes movement and tells you about if you had your eyes closed or open.
  •  It plots your facial expression like a smile, eye movement, and head's stability on a graph.
  •  Your facial movement, like a smile, eye movement, and head movement, is portrayed with the help of an emoji on the dashboard.
  •  It stores multiple sessions on your mobile device only.
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