Health Care Solution

Healthcare Providers are always focused to provide Quality Healthcare to their Patients which require Managing many Backend Processes of the Business as well as Innovate continuously to improve Healthcare Quality. WhizNets Healthcare Solutions adds an Innovative Edge to make Traditional Processes Smart, Responsive and Intelligent for IOT Driven Healthcare

Real Time Access

Patients get Real-Time updates
of their Health

Patient Friendly

Manage Doctor Appointments, Lab Tests, Pharmacy Prescriptions and Payments Together

Summary View

Easily access Health Records in a
single place

Appointment Modes

Speak to your Doctor on Chat, Voice or Video

Medical Response

Medical Help is a click away in case of Emergency

Multi Platform

Accessible on all Mobile Devices and
Personal Computers with Internet Access

Whiznets HCS Stack Diagram


Eliminate Self Tracking

Eliminate the need for regular self-tracking of health status as the system does it for you.

Real Time updates

Real-time reports for quick & efficient preventive actions.

Full Control

Full control of health data and events.

Patient Records on the go

Access previous patient information for effective next appointment.

Eliminate manual data entry

Quick and seamless mobile data collection eliminates paper reporting and reentry of data.

Easy Integration to existing systems

Integrate with existing ERP/CRM using REST APIs

Worldwide Accessibility

Log in from anywhere in the world.

Positive growth

Profitable growth with managed productivity.

Flexible Groups

Group patients and assign to individual healthcare professional to manage.

Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiency of healthcare professionals & streamline healtcare process.

Extend Team Reach

Do more with smaller healthcare teams or extend your reach with existing team.


Solution accessible on all desktops, mobiles, and tablets.


Intelligent Health Care Solution

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