Welcome to Envoomy, the innovative  management solution that leverages data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to optimize  resource usage. Our platform provides real-time monitoring and control of devices, ensuring  efficiency security and reliability. Let’s explore how Envoomy works and the benefits it offers to both device vendors and customers.

How Envoomy Works

Envoomy is available to resource monitoring device manufacturers as a cloud-hosted instance to service their customers’ requirements. The user interface (UI) can be customized for specific partner requirements. Companies can include a linking client in their own monitoring devices during the manufacturing process, which collects and uploads data to the Envoomy cloud platform. The Envoomy software and linking software can communicate both ways to manage and control devices, offering features such as turning devices on or off, locking or unlocking, and changing settings. Envoomy simplifies the process for manufacturers by allowing them to add the linking software to their devices during manufacturing.

envoomy how it works


Envoomy offers a range of features designed to provide a self-managed, intelligent, and energy-optimized system. The platform boasts an attractive and responsive UI based on Angular material, ensuring a seamless user experience across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows. Real-time access to device data is visible on graphs, allowing users to monitor, control, and manage devices from a single view. Envoomy is scalable, capable of managing a single device or millions of devices with the same solution. The platform also supports device migration between services, role-based access, and worldwide cloud readiness. Additionally, Envoomy offers real-time graphs, service agreements, predictive maintenance, industry-standard connectivity protocols, two-way communication, universal REST and MQTT connectivity, and robust security mechanisms.

Worldwide access

Cloud ready


Manage a single or million devices with same solution

Service Agreement

Group devices under service agreement


Predictive maintenance based on automatic system  health monitoring

Self Managed

Intelligent, responsive, energy optimized system

Attractive UX

Angular material based responsive UI

Multi Platform

Available on iOS, Android, Linux, Windows

Real-time access

Device data visible on graphs instantaneously

Two-way communication

Remotely monitor, control distributed devices

Universal REST Connectivity

Uniform interface for stateless operation


Industry acceptable active or passive mechanisms to prevent, detect and recover security violations

Summary view

Access, control and manage device from same view

Role-based access

Multiple user roles for controlled access

Device Migration

Devices can be migrated between services

Real time graphs

Device data is plotted in real time

MQTT Device Connectivity

Industry standard connectivity protocol

Benefits to Device Vendors

Device vendors can benefit from Envoomy’s customizable UX, full control over device management, and accelerated time to market. The platform provides a common platform for grouping devices under service agreements and is cloud-ready for immediate deployment. With existing solutions for predictive maintenance and multi-platform support, Envoomy offers a comprehensive solution for device vendors.

Customized UX

Create your application specific UI or adopt reference UI

Full Control

Manage a single or million devices with same solution

Time to Market

Integrate device application and push to market

Common platform

Group devices under service agreements

Ready to go

Cloud-ready for immediate deployment

Existing solution

Predictive maintenance based on automatic system health monitoring


Create your application-specific UI or adopt reference UI integrate embedded devices running Linux, RTOS, Superloop

Benefits to Customers of Device Vendors

Customers of device vendors can take advantage of Envoomy’s private cloud hosting, single platform management, customized UX, quality of service, revenue optimization, and predictive maintenance capabilities. The platform enables reliable system and device connectivity, ultimately leading to greater end-user satisfaction.

Quality of Service

Reliable system and device connectivity

Better revenue

Maintenance cost optimization and greater end-user satisfaction

Predictive maintenance

Automatic system monitoring ensure zero downtime

Hosted cloud portability

Easily move solution to another cloud vendor with no impact on solution

Private Cloud

Host system in premises or on cloud

Team Focus

Spend team effort on business acquisition

Single platform

Manage multiple device applications

Customized UX

Create your application-specific UI


Envoomy can be hosted on a cloud or on-premises, offering a highly configurable and feature-rich UI with customization capabilities using extended REST APIs. The platform addresses the machine learning and AI needs of diverse user bases across different vertical platforms, including electricity, water, air, windmill, solar, and inverters.


For more information about Envoomy and our services, please contact us

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Envoomy provides answers to common questions, such as how to test the app without putting actual devices on the network, device compatibility, feature requests, integration for device manufacturers, and user access to devices and services. The platform supports various browsers and mobile app usage, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Q: Can I test Envoomy app without putting my actual device on the network?

A: Yes, you can use device simulator. Device simulator helps you evaluate the platform features without putting actual devices into the network.

Q: Can I use Envoomy app on any device?

A: Yes, Envoomy works on mobile, tablet, and desktops/laptops.

Q: I want a feature added. Where can I ask for more features?

A: Reach out to our team at support@whiznets.com for more features and development you want to see.

Q: I am a manufacturer, how do I integrate my devices?

A: As a device manufacturer, you can contact us for SDK integration. Also, refer our ‘How it works’ link.

Q: I am a utility company, what this portal means for me?

A: Your device manufacturers shall have integrated support for the portal. Contact us to learn more about if you require some assistance concerning referral of device manufacture

Q: I am an end user, what does this portal mean for me?

A: Contact your device provider supporting the portal for getting access to your devices.

Q: Which browsers does Envoomy support?

A: Envoomy support Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Q: How to use Envoomy on browser?

A: You can access the portal to create account or login into your account.

Q: How to use Envoomy on android app?

A: You can access the portal either using Android mobile app or mobile web browser available on your phone.

Q: How to use Envoomy on iOS app?
A: You can access the portal either using mobile web browser available on your phone.
Q: I have deleted a service by mistake. What should I do?

A: Service moves under ‘De-active’ state after being deleted. To make service ‘Active’ again, edit the service details and change the status of the service to ‘Active.’

Q: How can I assign a service from one user to another?

A: Edit device details and enter the email address of the user you want to assign the service to in ‘e-mail’ field.

Q: I am getting message on device simulator ‘Logging in from a new device or location. Please verify your account in your email so we can ensure it is yours.’ What should I do?
A: Log in to e-mail account with which you have registered on Envoomy app and verify by clicking on link given in e-mail.
Q: I can not see any device/service in my account?

A: Ask admin user to add device/service to your account.

Q: Who all can see devices/services added in my account?

A: You and admin have rights to see devices/services added in your account.

Q: How can I change the details of a device/service?

A: You do not have rights to change device/service details. Ask admin user to change device/service details for you.

Q: I have recently changed a device, how can I replace this device in Envoomy app?
A: Ask Admin to add your new device to Envoomy app