Our Company

About Us

WhizNets Inc. was founded in 2007 as a pioneering wireless solutions company with a core mission of introducing automation through wireless technologies. Since then, we have evolved to become a global leader in creating innovative solutions that leverage cloud, mobile, and wireless technologies. Our commitment to sustainability has led us to focus on harnessing the power of IoT for natural resource data management,  revolutionizing global healthcare with electronic health records, and creating unique brand awareness for businesses.

Our Vision

We believe in creating a more sustainable and healthier world. Our vision is centered around leveraging cutting-edge technology to address fundamental humanitarian goals, ensuring a brighter and more connected future for all. With a world that is constantly evolving, our dedication to these goals remains unwavering, driving our overall vision and mission.

Partner with Us

To unlock the full potential of our solutions for you business, our team of experts is dedicated to collaborating with you to bring your product concepts to life and drive meaningful impact in your industry. Whether you are looking to optimize natural resource management, revolutionize healthcare with predictive maintenance, or alter your business trajectory with next-gen AI we have the expertise and resources to support your journey towards success.


Whiznets has served customers worldwide and is partnered with a range of companies from the world’s largest OEM’s to emerging technology ventures. Through our proven record in innovative solutions, we have developed long-term relationships with all of our customers.

Companies we have worked with