Healthcare Intelligence EHR

Doctors and Labs strive for low cost in time high-quality healthcare delivery.

Docpok is the answer to efficiency quality and ease of access for doctor clinics, pathology labs, and diagnostic labs providing outpatient services, with no upfront time and money investments.
DocPok is a preventive healthcare innovation that adds an edge by creating an ecosystem in which independent facilities can thrive, creating a more comfortable environment for both the patient and other organizations involved in healthcare services.

Docpok Value Proposition


Improving the efficiency of coordination and communication using technological innovations can be the key to do more with less, as well as innovate continuously to improve healthcare quality.

  • Save time by quick access to review patient records
  • Better patient diagnosis and treatment
  • Make informed decisions with quick access to healthcare trends
  • Direct communication with other service providers
  • No more missing or forgotten records
  • No more depending on memories for historical trends
  • Quick patient processing keeping quality in place
  • No more carrying the files around


Medical Record

Provide an easy way to go over all the records one by one


 Patients can choose a suitable lab provider to get the lab tests done 


Patients/doctors can enter/monitor their vitals 


Patients can choose a
suitable diagnostic provider to get the diagnostic tests done 


Messages can be done between the patient, doctor, and other service providers like a lab, diagnostic labs


Chat can be done between patient and providers by selecting from a list


Set an appointment for a specific doctor 


Keep track of  health trends


Summary View

Easily access EHR (electronic health records) in a single place

Real Time Access

Patients get real-time updates of their health with the use of AI in healthcare  

Multi Platform

Accessible on all mobile devices and personal computers with internet access

Patient Friendly

Manage doctor appointments, lab tests, diagnostics, pharmacy, prescriptions, and payments together


With the use of medical innovation, message or chat to doctors about your health concerns

Inbuilt analysis

Analyze revenue or health statuses through the advanced onboard visualization tools 

Benefits for the Patient

Full Control

Full control of health data and events.


Never lose a prescription, lab report, or medical record again.

Worldwide Accessibility

Log in from anywhere in the world.

Real Time updates

Real-time reports for quick & efficient preventive healthcare.


All of your medical records are only accessible by you, your doctor, and the lab providing your reports. 

Get the best deal

Providers provide quotes for a service and the patient can select their most trusted and lowest cost deal

Benefits healthcare providers

Extend Team Reach

Do more with smaller health care teams or extend your reach with existing team

Better Evaluations

With access to more data spend less time making more accurate diagnoses

Track Earnings

Visualize earnings and make adjustments to amass more revenue

Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiency of healthcare professionals & streamline healthcare process. 

Build connections

Work with different parts of the healthcare system in order to provide seemless connection for the patient

Patient Records on the go

Access previous patient information for effective next appointment