Smart Energy Monitoring Solutions: Reduce Your Electricity Costs with IoT Technology

iot technology

Are you paying too much for your electric power usage?
Fears of global climate change and limited resources have increased energy awareness and conservation by both consumers and utilities. Electricity is one of the most accessible resources to waste because the energy consumed by consumers is mostly invisible. Energy meters are usually hidden away, bills are paid by direct debit, and only a few users have any idea how much they are using, let alone wasting.

Inside a house, there are many devices, systems, and appliances, including lighting, laptops, dishwasher, HVAC systems, security cameras, and other consumer electronics. The problem is that none of them can communicate – they are not smart.

Applying the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to an existing installation, such as a smart energy monitoring system, can supply better information and lead to better decisions.

The IoT addresses the urgent energy conservation needs of society by making energy consumption visible to both homeowners and businesses. The IoT will help businesses and homeowners understand and reduce their electricity consumption.

A smart IoT based wireless energy monitoring solution allows you to know which appliances are currently on and the current and past energy consumption. The system provides detailed information about the energy usage of different devices individually or as a whole and notifies you of your extra power consumption.

Easy to use iOS and Android apps make it easy to keep an eye on your home while you are away. Get an instant overview of how much you’re spending on your energy with the graphics and statistics function within the app, and know what to expect before your bill even arrives, making surprises a thing of the past.

A smart system solution can help you conserve energy and monitor the real cost of your habits — such as leaving the TV on when no one’s watching. Using the IoT in energy-saving saves electricity and money, lowers carbon pollution, and reduces the environmental footprint.