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Welcome to MyFocus - Track Your Facial Expressions with MyFocus App

Discover the innovative MyFocus app, developed by WhizNets Inc., designed to help you gain insights into your facial expressions. Whether you want to track your smiles, head stability, or eye movement, MyFocus offers a fun and interactive way to understand your facial movements.

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About MyFocus

MyFocus is a unique app that allows users to detect faces in a live preview, identify key facial features, and obtain the contours of detected faces. With MyFocus face detection, users can access information such as smile probability, head stability, and eye movement probability. The app provides a fun and engaging way to track and analyze facial expressions.


How to Use MyFocus

Using MyFocus is simple and intuitive. Upon opening the app, users are greeted with a dashboard featuring two buttons: “New Session” and “Dashboard.” The dashboard also displays the latest session details, including eye movement, smiles, and head movement.

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To begin tracking facial activity, users can initiate a new session and allow the app to detect their face through the phone’s camera. Once the session is complete, users can easily close it by clicking the back button. The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the latest session details, allowing users to visualize their facial movements.


For a more in-depth analysis, users can access all previous sessions by clicking on the dashboard button. This feature enables users to review and compare their facial movements across multiple sessions, providing valuable insights into their expressions and emotions.

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Key Features of MyFocus

MyFocus offers a range of features to help users track and understand their facial expressions:

1. Smile Tracking: MyFocus tracks and analyzes users’ smiles, providing insights into their smiling behavior and frequency.

2. Head Stability: The app monitors the stability of the user’s head, offering valuable information about head movements and stability.

3. Eye Movement: MyFocus follows users’ eye movements, indicating whether their eyes were open or closed during a session.

4. Graphical Representation: Users can visualize their facial expressions, including smiles, eye movements, and head stability, through interactive graphs.

5. Emoji Portrayal: Facial movements are depicted using emojis on the dashboard, offering a playful and engaging way to interpret expressions.

6. Session Storage: MyFocus stores multiple sessions on the user’s mobile device, allowing for easy access and comparison of facial movements over time.